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beautyful  dodecanese -greece 

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Recovering Quadriplegic Bombs the World’s Fastest Downhill “KAMIKAZE” at Mammoth Mountain.

Aaron Baker, after sustaining a career ending Spinal Cord Injury as a professional motocross racer becomes the world’s first recovering quadriplegic to charge the infamous Kamikaze downhill run on Mammoth Mountain, CA.

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Quick comic I did this morning and put up on the blog.

 Don’t be a slave to calories. Your tummy is talking to you for a reason. Nourish it, feed it, love it. 

Don’t go to bed hungry. Don’t workout hungry. Don’t deny yourself a meal or snack because it’s “unhealthy” or you’ve “eaten too much already.” Your body will be happy if you give it what it needs. 

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Pesto Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Roasted Asparagus…RECIPE

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